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in the beginning 370 200In our Autumn 2018 preaching series, various visting speakers will be walking us through the early chapters of the book of Genesis - a beautiful and powerful account of God's original intention for this planet 


Date Text Theme Subthemes Worship Leader Preacher
Oct 7 Gen 1:1-25 Let there be light Order from chaos.  Consciousness.  Illumination Phil Andrew Smith
Oct 14 Gen 1:26-27 Let us make man in our own image Gender.  Balance.  Priesthood. Richard Tony Brown
Oct 21 Gen 1:28-2:4 Fill the earth and subdue it Work.  Beauty.  Creativity.  Mission Sue B Steve Finamore
Oct 28 Gen 2:5-25 They were both naked Nudity.  Openness.  Intimacy.  Transparency. Heather Paula Harriott
Nov 4 Gen 3:1-24 They hid themselves Vulnerability.  Fear Sue L Tim Fergusson
Nov 11 Gen 4:1-16 What have you done? Vandalism.  Fratricide. Wilma Gwen Millns
Nov 18 Gen 4:17-26; 6:1-8 Let there be darkness Multiplication.  Culture. Evil.  Faith.  Rescue.  Hope Dave and Heather tbc

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