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As we begin the New Year 2020, we will be delving into Bible to look at some of the many "Stories Told by Jesus". Please join us in our worship as we explore.....

together the many extraordinary lessons that we can learn from these stories as we go about our ordinary everyday lives.  


Date Bible Passage Theme Notes
5 January Matthew 12:43-45 Eight demons and a clean house Covenant Service
12 January Joshua 3:1-4:7 Stepping out with God  
19 January Matthew 13:1-23 Four soils and a sower  
26 January Matthew 13:24-43 Wheat & weeds (and mustard)  
2 February Matthew 13:44-46 Hidden treasure All age
9 February Matthew 13:47-50 A dragnet and some fish  
16 February Matthew 21:28-32 A father and two sons  
23 February Matthew 20:1-16 Unequal pay  
1 March Matthew 18:21-35 An unforgiving servant Friends and Family
8 March Matthew 21:33-46 Tenants from hell  
15 March Matthew 22:1-14 Not dressed yet  
22 March Matthew 25:1-13 Wise and foolish virgins Mothers Day
29 March Matthew 25:14-30 Wise and foolish investments  






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