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About us: prayer

We have just completed a sermon series considering ways of changing our lives. Let us pray that we can continue with the changes we have made or consider some new ones. Some of these changes include prayer triplets, journaling, reading the bible in a year and delving into proverbs.

Our sermon series after Easter is titled “I believe” Personal Transformation. It is based on the Apostles Creed this will concentrate on the beliefs that are foundational to our faith and unify us. Let’s pray that these sermons will give us not only clarity in what we believe but a sense of joy in our faith.

Pray for Brian English as he seeks to develop strategies for our community outreach.

Last but not least pray for Trevor and his family as they leave us, and us as we seek to move on into a new phase in our church life. Trevor has much to do before he leaves and new challenges to think about, both Hannah and James have important exams before moving and Emma of course has to support everybody. As for us we will be having great change. Pray for the deacons, for a moderator, for the interregnum and the appointment of a new minister. Pray that we will be united.

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