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About us: prayer

  • Continue to pray about the very difficult situation in Israel; that peaceful solutions would be found.
  • As the war in Ukraine continues, pray for the Ukrainian Baptist Union. They are providing shelter, food and care to tens of thousands across the country, supported by the European Baptist Federation and its partners.
  • Continue to pray for Haiti as Kenya’s peace keeping force is deployed to quell the growing violence.
  • Pray for the upcoming elections, that candidates will be able to put their policies across clearly and that the process will be run fairly and without acrimony.
  • Please pray for the families affected by the blood contaminated scandal. May they receive the help they need.
  • Pray for those affected by the landslides in Papua New Guinea, for families and friends of those who have died, who are lost or injured and for the rescue workers.
  • Pray for the elderly living in our community with their concerns around health and mobility, food security, anti- social behaviour and loneliness. Ask God how we at YWBC can identify those who may need help and inspiration as to how we can reach out to them.

Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him while he is near.

Isaiah 55:6 




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