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About us: prayer

  • The Russia invasion of Ukraine -  please pray:
    • For the people of Ukraine as they are thrust into an uncertain and dangerous future
    • For the refugees as they try to find a safe place
    • For a just and peaceful resolution
    • For the Western leaders to act decisively
    • For President Putin to reconsider his actions
  • As inflation increases and large heating bills loom, let’s pray for those who are fearful that they will not be able to pay the bills and the many advisors trying to help, including those who advise at pantry.
  • Pray for the Afghan teenage girls who had expected to return to school but couldn't because that offer was withdrawn.
  • Pray for those working in health care, social care, hospitals and schools as we are hear that the UK is stretched in all these areas. Pray workers will receive encouragement and have the enthusiasm and energy to carry on.
  • Remember the people of North Korea. This is a very closed country that is under a harsh regime without the freedoms we have. Pray for the ordinary people and pray for those suffering religious persecution.
  • Pray for our city, especially with the Commonwealth Games fast approaching. Pray for their success and for a lasting impact, especially on the young people in Birmingham.
  • Continue to remember climate change: that we will understand how we should change both individually and as a Church.

Thank God for our freedoms, and let’s give thanks that we have a God who fills us with hope.



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