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About us: prayer

YWBC Prayer Priorities for 2016

Our prayers for this year are shaped by the values we’ve recently adopted as a church.

An Obedient Church

We seek to live in ongoing obedience to Jesus, to whom ‘all authority is given,’ as revealed in Scripture.

Please pray that God would continue to show us how we need to change, and make us a people conformed to his will for our individual lives, and our life together. 

A Church where people grow

We want our church to be one where each person is changing to be a more mature follower of Jesus. We will love each other enough to invest our time in each other’s lives, even if this sometimes means speaking a word of loving challenge on some occasions.

Please pray that God would enable each one of us to grow to be more like him in the coming year, people willing to be gentle and honest with each other, serious about change where it is called for.

A Blessing Church

We want our church to be one which always seeks to bless people, near and far through acts of service, or words of encouragement and witness to the Gospel.

Please pray that a fresh awareness of how much God has done for us would lead to a new urgency about sharing his love with others. Please pray that God would radically change lives in our community in 2016, as people encounter his love and his forgiveness and obey the call to become disciples of Jesus.

An Attentive Church

We want our church to be attentive: to what God is saying to us, to how he is at work in the wider church and in the world, to ways in which we need to change so that we can share his love in a changing world.

Please pray that we would be people who are open to hearing from God, alert and discerning in our reading of Scripture, in the stirrings of our hearts, in our worship, and in every conversation with those he brings into our lives each day. Please pray that God would help us not only to listen well, but to be willing to act differently in light of what we are learning from him.

A warm and welcoming church

We want our church to be one where people receive a warm and generous welcome, reflecting the love and welcome of God and the excitement and joy we feel about the difference he has made in our lives.

Please pray that God would deepen our love for each other, and each person who comes to our church, that our relationships would be characterised by kindness, laughter, a willingness to serve and a readiness to trust.

An Expectant Church

We want our church to be one which is expectant about how God’s Spirit can move, transforming people and situations.

Please pray that 2016 will be a year when God moves powerfully among us, that we see and feel the renewal of his Spirit, the baptisms of those coming to know him, new people added to our number, and deeper joy in our walk with him.

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