YWBC is a Baptist Church, with a strong emphasis on family and community, with our goal of growing together in God's love.

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YWBC is an evangelical church, which also being committed to working together with other churches throughout the neighbourhood of Billesley. We share in joint initiatives on various occasions during the year, especially at Easter. It's important to us that we express our faith and God's love to the community in a practical manner, and we're constantly thinking about new ways in which we can do that.

We're a friendly and relaxed community. Our Sunday morning services are informal, with a mixture of modern worship songs and some hymns.

We're also a Baptist church. Amongst other things, this mean that we regard baptism as an adult believer to be the normal means of coming into the christian community. It also means we understand ourselves to be a 'gathered church': we don't believe in an individualistic approach to the christian faith. Our shared life together is important to us, and major decisions are not taken by our minister or deacons alone but collectively by all our church members. Every year we renew promised to each other and God, to walk together in following Him and supporting and encouraging one another.

PDF Copy of Church Constitution

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