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About us: people

Our Ministers - Rev Claire Ord & Rev Mark Ord

 Mark & Claire

Mark and Claire Ord come to us with 20 years experience in cross-cultural ministry and church planting, missionary formation and leadership development. Mark is currently researching mission within Western secular societies and Claire brings a wealth of experience from her work as a hospital chaplain.


Our Leadership Team

The church continues to be led by the trustees and, due to Covid restrictions preventing us meeting, an acting diaconate until we are able to hold deacons’ elections:

Rev Claire Ord (Minister)
Rev Mark Ord (Minister)
Alan Murray (Secretary)
Stephen Briggs (Treasurer)
Michael Scott (Deacon)
Phil Jackman (Acting Deacon)
Ann Shirley (Acting Deacon)


If you wish to get in touch with us, or any of the deacons, please visit our contact page.




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